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Are You Ready to Experience America's #1 Choice for Satellite Internet Providers?

You have been looking for the Best Satellite Internet to meet your needs: 

Rural Internet Option

Satellite Internet Access is available anywhere you can view the Southern Sky (line of sight) making satellite a highly valued rural area internet option. You ask: "Is there satellite internet near me?" The answer is "Yes!"


Satellite Highspeed Internet

The best satellite internet provider is one that meets your internet usage needs - WHERE you need it. The fastest satellite internet is a work in progress - the highest capacity satellite is being launched this month!


Satellite Communication Service

We offer Voice Over Internet (VOIP) as well as internet broadband to homes and businesses in underserved rural areas.


Satellite Wifi

Wifi throughout your home with unlimited satellite internet data plans. *

* New data plans have 50% more data! There are no hard data limits; if you exceed your data plan, you’ll stay connected. However, during high-traffic periods, you may experience reduced speeds. You can upgrade to a higher data plan or purchase tokens.

Let's Get Started

We respect your privacy and will not to sell or distribute your information. 

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