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Our super-power - evaluate your location, internet needs and match the best internet product for your budget.  We have streamlined our ordering process using our website and a direct line to our office at 509-340-0070


Our technical staff are certified; they have experienced every conceivable scenario when it comes to installation and set up and are ready to get your internet up and running.

We will provide technology to give you a super-fast, always-on Internet connection that is available everywhere - even in areas with slow or no high-speed options. Call us at 509-340-0070 or simply order directly from our website to see which plans and offers are available in your area. 

Internet Connection

Internet Service and  Products Specialists

Get Reliable Internet Service

No Matter Where You're Located

Fast Internet USA 

Best Internet Provider Near Me

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Internet Service Providers Near Me

Fast Internet USA enables businesses and homes to access internet - Rural Internet and Urban Internet.  

What Is Fast Internet USA? 

Fast Internet has been an internet installation and repair company for national satellite internet providers, cellular based wireless internet providers (LTE) and hard-wired internet providers (DSL) in Washington and Northern Idaho since 2008 -14 yrs.


We sell these products as well as install and provide service.

Best Internet Provider Near Me
internet service providers in my area

Why the change from just installation and service?

We are frustrated for our customers (YOU);

increasingly working from home, studying from home, keeping in touch with family and friends remotely, you need a robust internet to meet your needs. We provide you clear expertise - understanding your internet usage, exploring what will work best in your location. We are constantly searching for the next best access for you.

Service Internet Providers

Why Not Just Go to Each ISP and Price Bid? What Makes FIUSA Unique?

  • Service!  We are HERE with a history of serving East Washington and Northern Idaho; we know this region, its topography and our customer's needs.

  • Our focus is on YOU. We understand the unique challenges facing the consumer / business trying to access internet in this unique topography with tall dense forests or vast plains, basalt cliffs, broad lakes.

  • Our super power is evaluating your internet needs, your location and your budget then determining what works best for you. 

  • We have integrity. We have your family, your business, your wallet's best interest at heart. We want to forge and foster ongoing relationships with our customers and the community at large. 

We offer Internet Home and Business solutions.


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Voice Over Internet (VOIP)
Business Phone Solutions
Home & Business Automation


“Perfect!!! Excellent!! Flawless!! I just don't know how else to say how wonderful and easy my installer completed everything. He was fast clean and efficient. He even offered to vacuum!!! I declined, as there was nothing needing to be cleaned.”


Mead, WA



“Very well mannered. Helped with everything.  I want to give him a 10.”


Spirit Lake, ID

"Dave was knowledgeable and efficient in repairing our internet when he showed up on schedule. He showed me where the problem was in our connection and how we can avoid future issues. Dave made sure everything was working correctly before leaving."


Davenport, WA

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