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Starlink Installations

Some folks find the Starlink Installation daunting;

That's ok. It's what we do. 


We make sure that the Starlink dish is placed optimally - whether that is on the peak of your roof, mounted on a pole, or on the side of your house.  


We make sure the Starlink system is installed correctly so that it is providing reliable connectivity from the start.


You have spent money to get the Starlink System; let us make sure it is working flawlessly with a professional installation.

Contact Us 

Call, fill out the form, email - any which way that pleases you. We just need a few pieces of information to get you set up.


Schedule Your Starlink W Installation

We will contact you to review the details and schedule the installation with one of our professional Satellite Installers.


Installer Completes the Installation

An installation for Starlink typically takes about 2 hours. We charge $310.00 plus tax for the install. Additional time over 2 hours is charged at $99.00 per hour. 

Schedule Your Starlink Installation


We respect your privacy and will not to sell or distribute your information. 

Schedule Starlink Installation
Starlink Customer Reviews
Agricultural Gardens
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Kenneth in Davenport, WA

Great installation! Professional, friendly, and obviously very competent!

The installer was courteous and didn't mind me following and asking questions while he installed.

Randy Hartzell.JPG

Randy in Colville, WA

All of the staff at Fast Internet USA were awesome. They were very courteous and polite. Eric (our installer) was very thorough and made sure that the dish was installed at the best place to get the best satellite signal. And he was just a great person to talk to. All of the staff are people with great hearts! 

Extended Arm_edited.jpg

Tira in Spirit Lake, ID

The installer did a wonderful job!! Installation was great.

And ever so great costumer service. Thank you again.

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