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High Speed Wireless Internet
for Rural Areas & Urban Areas

Wireless Internet Options for Rural Areas & Urban Areas

Wireless Internet Plans
Internet To Work From Home-min.jpg

up to 800 GB/mo

25 Mbps download speed** 

$ 89.99 / mo

No Credit Check / No Contract

Wireless Internet In Rural Areas and Urban Areas:


This basic unit works in or near town

where there is strong signal.

Up to 5 devices at a time.

HD TV Streaming.

Limited Gaming.

Zooming / Skype

Security Camera Monitoring

Social Media / Email

Internet Browsing.

Uploading / Downloading Files

Work from Home

plus Homeschooling

Rural Internet Work From Home-min.jpg

up to 300 - 800 GB/mo

10 - 30 Mbps download speed**

$119.99 / mo

No Credit Check / No Contract

High Speed Wireless Internet for Rural Areas:


This more robust unit pulls in signal and handles more data at a time.

Up to 11 devices.

HD TV Streaming.

Limited Gaming.

Zooming / Skype.

Security Camera Monitoring

Social Media / Email

Internet Browsing.

Uploading/Downloading Large Files

Work from Home

plus Homeschooling

Internet to Game_edited.jpg

Unlimited Data
(where available)

20 - 150 Mbps download speed**

$119.99 -149.99 / mo*

No Credit Check / No Contract

High Speed Wireless internet for Rural Areas:


This top of the line unit pulls in signal

and handles large amounts of data.

Up to 15 devices.

Multi-device HD TV Streaming.

Limited Gaming.

Zooming / Skype 

Security Camera Monitoring

Social Media / Email

Internet Browsing.

Uploading / Downloading Large Files

Work from Home - 2-3 persons

plus Homeschooling

* The price difference is based upon the varied cost of service for the best plan in your area.

We work to find the lowest cost plan with the best signal in your coverage area to provide the best experience.

**The speed depends entirely on distance to towers in your area.

We’ve had reports of over 80 MBPS in close proximity to a tower all the way down to 8 MBPS if located further away.

Wifi routers are required to broadcast the signal making your home a virtual hotspot. Only one unit has the Wifi router in the LTE unit. Oftentimes, consumers already have a router. If a router is needed, you may purchase one from wherever you find a deal or from Fast Internet USA for $49.99  (to broadcast areas up to 2000 square feet) or $99.99 (to broadcast to areas over 2000 square feet).


Note: Pricing and informational content listed are subject to change without notice.

Fast Internet USA holds itself harmless from and is not responsible for any agreements with major carriers that are currently in place.   

Fast Internet USA does to control network optimizations or changes made by major carriers or tower deprioritizing in congested areas.

Our Process

How Fast Internet USA Solves Your Internet Problem:


Remote Location Assessment: 

Call 509-340-0070 or Complete the Form

Our staff will perform a location assessment remotely to determine the signal options and verify that the signal is sufficient for your needs.  

This is a FREE service.


Site Survey

During the Site Survey, the technician determines the strongest signal and access site for download/upload and live-streaming.

At this time, it will be made clear what type of installation your situation will require and which level of subscription is available.


Charge for Service

At the end of the Site Survey, you will be charged 


- for cost of installation 


- for Wifi booster if applicable

   (or you may provide your own)


- payment for first 30 days of service.




Schedule Site Survey

The Fast Internet Team will work with you to schedule a Site Survey.  The Site Survey is Free if there is insufficient signal and we are not able to help you. It is also Free if the signal is secured and you move forward with the installation.  Otherwise, the Site Survey fee is $99.99.


Installation & Set-Up

The receiver will be installed. This may need to be mounted outside the home to secure optimal and consistent signal for your needs. Installation includes mounting or positioning of the hardware, cabling. and connection to one wired and one wireless device. 


Thirty Day Trial

The Fast Internet Team will call close to 30 days to find out if you would like to continue with our internet services. 


If you decide to cancel within 30 days, we simply remove our equipment and cancel your subscription.

Note: On the $89.99 plan, there is no purchase so there is no money to be returned. Just the equipment needs to be returned and cancel the service.

How Fixed Wireless Works

How Fixed Wireless Works:

  • The signal is transmitted from a local tower or triangulated from multiple towers.

  • This signal is locked in through configuration of an optimally located & cabled receiver and then hard wired into your home.

  • The signal is magnified throughout your home and / or property via a WiFi Router.

30 Day Trial

Thirty Day Trail:   Fast Internet USA offers the chance to pay for the service and equipment for the first 30 days and if you decide it is not something you want to continue with, you can cancel within 30 days. We will retrieve the equipment, refund the equipment purchase cost, and cancel your subscription.

Wireless Internet is the internet solution that provides great access for rural as well as urban dwellers. 

LTE (Wireless Internet) stands for Long Term Evolution - sometimes referred to as 4G. has major advantages when compared to satellite or DSL internet: The network uses local  towers, so there is no latency and faster ping speed than satellite internet. This is vitally necessary when taking on-line classes or working  from home and video conferencing.


No Satellite dish or phone lines are needed. No Fiber or Cable above ground or on telephone poles.

With Wireless Internet, we are creating a "Hotspot" by use of Wifi in conjunction with a modem configured and positioned at exactly the best spot that is secure, uses data at a consistent rate, and  provides a robust and reliable internet experience. 

Wifi for Multiple Devices.jpg


Our routers are specifically designed to broadcast Wi-Fi for mutiple connected device. 
Connect your laptops, tablets, smart TVs, and other Wi-Fi connected devices.

Wifi Router / Booster / Range extenders are available for purchase and are recommended for large homes or if there is difficulty obtaining a stable signal in certain areas of the home.

The WiFi Booster extends a wifi signal and offers an additional wired connection.

WiFi Router $99.99 

Low Latency Wireless Internet.jpg


Fixed Wireless provides more monthly data and less lag than satellite networks, no overages – no contracts or credit checks.

With low ping rates / latency and speeds up to 70 Mbps, you can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other streaming platform. 

Fixed Wireless is also optimal for live-streaming


Wireless Internet Data Plans.jpg


Our services support reliable connectivity in both
home and office settings.

Whether you’re working from home, homeschooling, streaming Netflix, shopping online or keeping up with the on-line news -  

Fast Internet will give you the best in the ever improving available
wireless internet.

Wifi for Home_edited.jpg


Fast Internet works with you to provide the best plan for your needs; we can change out equipment, switch carriers if need be, and upgrade plans if available.

Repairs are included as part of our service for the first 60 days (Unless equipment is damaged by external forces or equipment intrusion - factory reset or modification of configuration or the is device moved). 

Please call / text / email us right away if there are any slow downs or interuptions to your service; Our support team is local and ready to help. 

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