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Business Continuity Internet

Business Continuity


Satellite Internet as Business Back Up

Business Continuity Internet 

Internet Backup when Primary Internet Fails

Reasonably Priced

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Internet Failsafe for Business

Internet Backup when Primary Internet Fails

90% of companies experience unexpected downtime. Small businesses in the United States will suffer more than $40 billion in lost productivity due to internet outages in 2020, according to the U.S. SMB Internet Outage Report from Independence Research, and 93 percent of the smallest busnesses don’t have backup. “Small businesses should strongly consider putting some form of internet back-up solution in place,” the report concludes.

Diversifying with an internet backup will maintain your ability to make a sale and run a credit card less vulnerable to outages and weather interruptions. The transition from your primary service to continuity backup service is seamless. Reasonably priced.


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